Most people fail to place high priority to air conditioning maintenance, with many passing off the expense as wasteful. But if you maintain your air conditioning system it could stop abruptly and stop performing. In the end, you’ll spend a considerable amount more if you had dedicated smaller sums for periodic maintenance repairs. Small measures taken on your air conditioning unit ensures it can be repaired with ease, just like a car or motorbike.

A poorly maintained air conditioner generates high energy costs. In addition, your air conditioning system will be struggling to perform optimally. This strain causes inconsistencies as every single component of your unit is vital. Filtration systems must be attended to as it prevents dirt and particles from destroying the machine. Hence, you should endeavour to clean the filters routinely; otherwise the inner parts will be affected, and you will be forced to deal with huge repairs in the long run. All air conditioner specialists are unified in their advocating of the removal and replacement of your air conditioner filters every thirty days.  This is one of the most basic maintenance tasks that you can do yourself (or give us a call to assist if you aren’t sure about attempting it yourself).

Not conducting periodic maintenance on your air-conditioner means that the air that emanates from your unit will be impure. Many of us are already dealing with the consequences of air pollution. When your family inhales the polluted air, they may develop ailments like asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory health conditions.

Recurrent maintenance increases the risk of an abrupt machine breakdown, forcing you to stay without air conditioning heating or cooling for several hours or even days. A well-maintained air conditioning systems can last for 15 to 20 years and in some cases, even longer!