Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on air conditioners, installations, maintenance, service and repairs of air conditioning systems.

I want to make some enquires about my air-conditioner, who should I call?

We are proud to be called one of the best in the air-conditioning service, maintenance, and installation business. If you have any questions regarding any cooling or heating issues, sluggish fan, start problems, mechanical wear and tear, water leaks, dirty condenser, evaporator coils, strange sounds, out-dated unit etc, do not hesitate to contact us for any air conditioning related works. We are committed to making your air conditioner function to the best of its ability and will do our best to keep you happy.

My air conditioner leaks, why?

If your air conditioner is leaking, then you may need to reach out to us to handle this for you. It usually involves giving your system a good clean out, which includes flushing the drain and applying an antibacterial solution. 

Is it important to wash my filter?

The filter shields the indoor unit from dust and bacteria, which is unavoidably present in every home. This dust gathers on the indoor coil and develops a thick black muck, which when kept in dark, moist environments can be overrun with bacteria and affect the air that you breathe. This muck can contaminate the air you breathe when it is distributed throughout the home.

The dust and debris can also clog your drain which can leak and flood your ceiling, and may cause isolated cold spots, hot spots and stuffy air. The debris can also cause thousands of dollars of damage. All this trouble can be prevented by washing your filter for just five minutes and getting your system serviced at least once every 12 months.

Why does my air-conditioner smell so bad?

Awful smells from your air-conditioner can be attributed to impediments such as cigarette tar or dust build-up on the coil, poor positioning of the returning air, and/ or vermin decay inside the duct, as they get lost in the conduit/ ducting after forcing their way in.

If there is no obvious signs of where a smell might be coming from, it’s best to call a professional – we are more than happy to assist you.

Why is my outdoor air-conditioner unit not working?

This issue may be resolved by resetting the air-conditioner. It could also be that the safety feature has tripped and the machine won’t work in order to prevent itself from any mechanical fault or electrical failure. Turn off your unit, then go and reset at the circuit breaker also, leaving it off for 10 minutes, then turn back on.

Call us if after resetting the appliance, it still does not run.

My air-conditioning unit won’t turn on, why?

This could be a manifestation of many underlying issues, such as a gas leak or a mechanical malfunction. We recommend resetting the circuit breaker to retune the machine was a minor fault. Leave off for 10 minutes before turning the breaker back on.

  • Ensure that it is set to the right temperature
  • Fan velocity to be set to high or constant if possible

Turn the unit back on and wait for 5 minutes before crying wolf. Most units have a safety disengagement instruction that will not allow the compressor to start until 5 minutes after the first attempt. This is to stop your child from switching it on or off like a bulb, costing you extra money.

It should work now, but if it stalls again after 5 to 10 minutes, then don’t force it, it will only cause more damage. Pick up the phone and call us to come and inspect the problem.

What People are Saying About Our Services ...

"The system is going great, I am also extremely surprised with my electricity bills, the system appears to hardly use any power at all! I enjoy the fact that I can use the app to turn on the ducted system from anywhere in the world! I actually did this whilst I was in New Zealand and my partner was home!"

Mitchell - Rouse Hill

"I still am very happy with the service provided by your company, given that I have used your services in the past at properties I owned in your area, I was taken back by the offer your director made to me to come up and install this system in my new house."

John - Old Bar

"Airmakers have been our air conditioning service contractors for the last seven years and I would like to commend their services and work. We are a large conference and retreat Centre and we have always been completely satisfied. They do an exceptional job, are very fair with their pricing and do exactly what we ask of them."

Christine - Baulkham Hills

“Thank you Airmakers for a completely professional experience in upgrading our ducted air conditioning. From the initial enquiry right through to the installation and product demonstration has been nothing short of a pleasant and efficient experience. Highly recommend!”

Chantel – Bligh Park

“We rang Steven on the recommendation of a friend and were, from the start, extremely looked after. I recommend Steven & the guys to anyone looking for heating & cooling.”

Ross – Riverstone

“The service your company provided was outstanding, from the first phone call through until your tech drove off. Much appreciated & we would not hesitate to use your company in the future if & when the need arises.”

Grahame - Wentworthville

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